CT Scan..

Well, the day has been long, but Natalie got her CT Scan out of the way. She was really fighting sleep when they tried to sedate her the first time, so we waited and waited and then gave her a little more medicine and she went right to sleep. I think it may have been too much though, because she wouldn't wake up for about an hour afterwards no matter how much I tried. We cant leave until she wakes up and drinks some juice to make sure she can hold something down. So, we leave around 430am get there around 615am. get sedated around 11am. and dont get to leave until around 1!
I snapped a picture of Natalie asleep on my cell before they wheeled her away...

Isnt she just adorable!! :)))


CT Scan-6:30am

CT Scan tomorrow morning. Prayers greatly appreciated! Leaving at 430am to head to monroe.

Missouri Trip/ Natalies First Birthday!

I was a bad MaMa and forgot my camera at home so... we had to settle for taking pictures on our phones and they didnt turn out that great.... I never realized how awesome the anti-shake feature on my camera was until I took about 20 blurry ones on my cell.. grrr!

well, here are some photos. Enjoy!



Saturday we are going to be making the (very long) 8 hour drive to see Mikeys family in Kansas. Were taking Mikes Nefew, Zane up there with us as well. He is 6 and has been visiting his mom in texas for the summer. His dad lives in Kansas so were just going to haul him up there too. Might as well :) Two kids... In a small economy car.... for 8 hours... YAAAY....

Natalies Birthday is on the 20th so were probably going to be having a little get together sometime while we are down there to celebrate. We got Natalie this toy that is like a farm themed music board. She can push the animals and it says what they are or the number and it was like.. the cow moos 2 times.. and makes the moooo sound twice (1-5) Its super cute! She can use it when she practices her sitting because its too big for her to pick up. (she always falls when she can grab stuff and put it in her mouth. she just goes down like a tree and doesnt even care...) That farm toy also attaches to one of those walk behind toys to help baby practice walking. She cant use that yet at all but, I figure it there when she needs it :) She just hold onto the handles for ballance and when she walks it rolls. It makes farm noises when it moves too so its pretty interactive...

Im going to try and shape her birthday cake into the hat from the cat in the hat... but, Im not sure if I can or not... I may end up just drawing the hat on a white cake with colored iccing or something.. That will be one of those last minute things im sure.


MRI Results In...

We went to Dr Pene's office today to get the results of Natalies recent brain MRI. They were pretty inconculsive. But based on her symptoms and the MRI her Neurologist thinks that the most likely cause is Cerebral Palsy.

We are both hurt really badly.... Its not for sure yet because Dr Pene wants to run more tests. Sometime next month or the end of this month (waiting for a call) Natalie will receive a CT scan and we have to make an appointment to see and Genetisist.

I know it could be worse but, I just cant get out of my head the idea I had of ballet classes and softball and little girl things that my daughter will possibly never do. It hurts.

So many people out there become disapointed in their children for small reasons or take for granted the smalles things like talking saying their kids never stop talking.... well, I would trade any amount of physical pain to have my daughter live a "normal" life. I love her so much... It just hurts so bad...


The day after tomorrow...

Yea, I am pretty much a contradiction when it comes to the 6th. Happy/sad, anxious/at peace, nervous/calm... IDK In a day I am looking forward to finding out what exactly was on Natalies MRI but, at the same time its could very well be one of those life changing days that tears me up inside for the rest of my life...

Either way,  her appointment is wednesday and ready or not, it coming...