30 Before 30

I saw this list at this lovely ladies blog, and decided that it was an amazing idea and I just had to have one. I feel it gives me specific things to accomplish. I don't want to turn 30 and realize the little things I wanted to do I never did because time passed me by. So here is the start of my official list:

1 Kitchen remodel
2 Repurpose a piece of furniture
3 Be entered into the foster parent program
4 Marry the man of my dreams :)
5 Beat the Air Force PT standards for women
6 Buy and ride my own bicycle
7 Guest room makeover
8 Create 3 things for our home (anything)
9 Make and hang curtains for our room
10 Bathroom makeover
11 Laundry room makeover
12 Have a family portrait taken
13 Go on a cruise with Mike
14 Have two cars paid off
15 Bake jalapeno bread
16 Collect 500 dollars in change for Natalie's savings
17 Buy a new couch for the den
18 Get a mattress for the guest room
19 Add a second rack to mine and Mikes closets
20 Have the family here for Thanksgiving
21 Plant flowers in our front garden
22 Make a dress
23 Take Natalie on a family vacation
24 Finish Natalie's baby scrapbook
25 Visit Colorado
26 Travel to another country
27 Learn to cook 10 new things
28 Get furniture for the patio
29 Take a dance class
30 Have a garage sale



My daughter, Natalie has a problem with her right hand... It doesn't open all the way. It looks as though the skin is just too tight on her palm to open each finger more than 90 degrees. She doesn't have any developmental issues just the hand and low muscle tone in her legs (which we don't yet know what caused that). Shes very smart, however and figures out how to grab and hold things with both hands. Small things are challenging for her at times, such as using a sipping cup. But, today... for the first time... Natalie successfully drank from her cuppy! She was laying down (because she cant really pick up the cuppy yet when its full because its too heavy..) and she drank over half of it!! I'm a proud mama!

She will probably have to have surgery to clip the skin of her fingers so they open, but for now she wears a hand split at night to help "naturally" open them as much as possible. She too young for surgery now.

Im just so happy for my little baby! And as I sit here typing this now, she has rolled back to her cup, grabbed it and is now working on the second half of the formula!