Christmas & Surgery Countdown

Our Christmas this year was incredible! We were so blessed to be able to spend Jesus birthday with our friends and family in Texas. Natalie enjoyed being around all her grandparents, aunts and uncles (& of course her baby cousin Cole!!) Mike & I enjoyed our first Christmas together as husband and wife, & also remembering the night we got engaged. It was a wonderful night, & one of those memories I know I will often look back on & smile.

Natalie has recently started to pull herself up to a stand!! Crazy, I know! Within the same week she went from just starting to sit herself up, to standing and squatting! Its incredible! I love it! Shes getting so big! Her Surgery is scheduled for January 11th. I am terrified & anxious all in one. The surgery presents a small opportunity for her to improve a little in her development, & so I look forward to getting it over with. At the same time, I dread it because its horrifying to imagine her laying there put under while they are taking out pieces of her skull a little at a time.... To think of it now makes my stomach turn upside down.

I do however, look forward to bringing in yet another new year with my wonderful little family & I hope everyone has a wonderful end to 2011 & memorable start to 2012 :)


Park + Natalie = Big Fun!

So, before the weather starts to get too cold here (Louisiana) We have taken Natalie to the park a few times. Shes at the age now where she actually enjoys it. She loves the swing & the tunnel the most though :)

Here are a few photos