Natalie has had her AFOs for about a week now, and were having a hard time keeping them on her feet. They fit her really well & we have bought shoes that fit snug over them to give even more support but, when she scoots around on the floor her legs kinda drag a little bit and they end up just sliding off after she scoots a few feet. The shoes she has to wear with them make her feet seem so big that she has a hard time controling her legs when she is wearing them too! Its like watching her try to crawl around in flippers or something... She doesnt jump when she stands as much though & I can deffinatly see a difference in her stance when shes actaully on her feet. Its the crawling around thats the problem, and since its her only way to get places right now, its been very difficult to keep the AFOs on.

She seems pretty tolerant of them being on her though, shes always been a pretty patient kid. Anyway, here are a few pictures of the AFOs & her wearing them.



Natalie was seen by Dr. Ghalli, a maxillofacial surgeon here in Shreveport-Bossier today. We were basically told that her surgery would be scheduled for some time late winter... Most likely January or early February. We are waiting to get a call with the exact date and time. Dr Ghalli will be preforming the surgery with Dr Notarianni & they need to set a date that they are both available.

Talking with Dr Ghalli has put both of our minds at ease a little bit, and I am not nearly as stressed out as I was.

They do surgeries on Wednesdays and she 'should' be out of the ICU & at home by Saturday evening. Only one of us will be able to stay with her overnight each night in the ICU, which will be very hard.

I am not too worried about the actual surgery going wrong or anything because there will be two different Drs in there so I feel like shes getting double the amount of care and attention.

I hope that TriCare doesn't take their sweet time with getting this figured out like they have everything else.

All in all today was a great day. We finally had a Dr visit with a new Dr that didn't have any added bad news to tell us. We actually found out that they don't have to take as much off of her skull as originally thought. YAY!

I know we have been in alot of peoples prayers and we truly are thankful for all the support. I know things could be much worse, but we were blessed with such an amazing and happy kid. I feel like all the prayers are really helping, & I know that God will be with us every step of the way.