Our Wedding Day!

So, the wedding turned out pretty much amazing! The honeymoon, of course, was equally great! I'm so glad that we are finally back home and things are back to normal again. Well, somewhat back to normal. I got my drivers license changed today, tomorrow were going on base to get me registered for a Military Dependant ID and put onto Mike Tricare Insurance plan. Its going to be a long process of getting everything done so that we are actually married in all of our legal systems and everything. I still have to get my SS card changed from Smith to Davis.

Even though we told people that gifts werent needed at all (since we have been living together for 2 years.. we pretty much dont need anything), we ended up getting a bunch of cash and gifts cards. It was really small and nice. Which to us was much better! The best part of a small wedding is that everyone who IS there really WANTS to be there. So there was no drama, no fighting, and absolutly everyone there was happy to see us happy together! Thats the way that weddings should be.

My friend Amanda Morace did our photos. we had a lot of fun ones done. I like them better because thats more how we are together. The ones I have seen turned out really well! I only had a small look though (24 pictures). Let me just say.. This girl is AMAZING! She hasnt been to school for it or done too teribly many photo shoots or events, but shes very creative! Mostly with the editing. Alot of the pictures she just kinda snapped and ended up doing some editing on to make them amazing!

Well, without further ado, here are a few pictures from our special day! (I share more as I get them..)


Natalie Loves To "Read"...

Were hoping this is NOT a phase. She does love her little books, as well as being read to.
As long as you are reading she is still and listening, but when you pause or need to turn the page she tries to turn it/eat it/grab it out of your hands.
Its cute!