30 Before 30 Update..

Marking 2 things off! woohoo! Its a start :)

1 Kitchen remodel
2 Repurpose a piece of furniture
3 Be entered into the foster parent program
4 Marry the man of my dreams :)
5 Beat the Air Force PT standards for women
6 Buy and ride my own bicycle
7 Guest room makeover
8 Create 3 things for our home (anything)
9 Make and hang curtains for our room
10 Bathroom makeover
11 Laundry room makeover
12 Have a family portrait taken
13 Go on a cruise with Mike
14 Have two cars paid off
15 Bake jalapeno bread
16 Collect 500 dollars in change for Natalie's savings
17 Buy a new couch for the den
18 Get a mattress for the guest room
19 Add a second rack to mine and Mikes closets
20 Have the family here for Thanksgiving
21 Plant flowers in our front garden
22 Make a dress
23 Take Natalie on a family vacation
24 Finish Natalie's baby scrapbook
25 Visit Colorado
26 Travel to another country
27 Learn to cook 10 new things
28 Get furniture for the patio
29 Take a dance class
30 Have a garage sale

Last Day...

Yesterday was Ashley's (Natalie's physical therapist) last day to work at the Little Works In Progress office. Which means we wont be seeing her anymore. I'm a little nervous about Natalie switching to a new Therapist because she seems to do really well with Ashley. Shes been with her from the beginning, so she knows all about Natalie's progress, what toys she likes, what she can do and what she is uninterested in doing...
The new therapist, who's name I believe is Sally, seems really nice. I like that she has been attending a few therapy sessions to get to know the kids that Ashley worked with before she takes over her workload. Every time Ashley had went on a break or had to have someone fill in for the day, Natalie HATED it. I guess you just get use to one thing and when that's changed, especially for a child, its really rough.
We have been looking at a different therapy program where the therapist comes to your home and does the session. Mike and I think it would be great so that Natalie is here with her own toys, but at the same time I think its important she gets out of the house too. I guess we will just have to see how things go with Sally, & also with my new nanny job.
I have been watching little Noah for a few days a week so he gets use to me and my home but I officially start on the 13th. Having two babies here is a little crazy and sometimes pretty hard. I think it will end up being good for both of them to have to share my attention and the toys and things, since they are both only children...

This is Natalie's former Physical Therapist, Ashley. She will be missed.
(& I know her watch will be too)


My First Mothers Day...

We dont have anything special planned for today, Mike and Natalie took me out for a mothers day lunch yesterday... But this morning I got to sleep in until 10 (yay!) and Mike and Natalie woke me up together :) Natalie so brightens my world. Im not a morning person and still everytime I see her little two tooth smile my morning is brighter somehow and I am more energized to get out of bed.

There are so many wonderful things about being a mother, it hard to believe there is a day to celebrate me for being one. It seems this should be a day I celebrate Natalie for for being such an amazing blessing in my life and ALLOWING me such great joy! She quite litterally is every single thing to me. There isnt one single thing I wouldnt give to make her life the absolute best it could be.

The simple fact is... I LOVE BEING A MOM!