From a while back, in my prayer journal.

All I have are tears.
But they are yours.
I am in debt for almost 24 years of my life.
I have taken advantage of so many blessings
Cared little for so many sunrises
And prayed not for so many others lost as I once was.
I cant promise you ill be perfect
But I will try as hard as I can.
Let your yes be yes
And your no, no.
I say yes to whatever you need me to do
Use me please.
It would be the greatest thing I could do
With this pathetic life I have lived
Denying you as king
For so long
And not even knowing it.

I cant turn these tears into anything special
They are just water
Water from eyes that are worn
From looking for a way out
But its so clear now…
That all I was doing
Was trying to see through you
While you were right in front of me
Take anything you need.
Its not mine anyway.
Thank you so much for the rain
The sun
The air
And each breath I am aloud to take.
For I know it is all
Because of you