Dear Cancer


Im not sure what made you think it was ok to storm into our lives this way but its time for you to go. Leave and never come back. If it seems like Im angry, its because I am.

When you leave you will take nothing from me. You will take nothing from my family.

You will not take the joy from our household. You will not take laughter or smiles from our faces. You will not take memories that would be happy and make them sad. You will not take our faith. You will not take away our friendships. You will not take away our bond. You will not deny my child an education. You will not steel hope away & you will not take my daughter.

I just met you, cancer, and I hate you. Truly, I do. It would be much easier for you to leave quietly, because my daughter is a fighter. You will lose cancer. You will lose. In the name of Jesus, you will lose.

-the angry mommy


  1. may God be with you all and keep Natalie comfortable while she heals.

  2. Rachel Purington8/18/2015

    Amen, and in Jesus's Name, we command this cancer to go!

  3. Praying for healing and peace.

  4. Praying for healing and peace.